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The Breacher



As the war marches closer to a bloody end, Nathan and Dakota venture into the depths of the Reaches to face the Trials. But beneath the weight of the tests, the team is beginning to shatter. Both in the Colony and beyond, no friendship – no family – can survive forever. Everything rides on the Failsafe, on Nathan. In the sleepless nights, he can’t help but wonder if he has the strength to finish this journey. Maybe the price has already been too high. But something deeper, darker is hunting Nathan. He sees it every time he closes his eyes – a storm crawling over the horizon. With it comes a voice on the wind, a question. It’s one Nathan has been running from his entire life. If he wants to save the world, running isn’t something he can do anymore. If he wants to save the world, he'll need to find the answer:


Is the world worth saving?