Have you ever had something to say, something that just couldn't be dragged up and out your throat - no matter how hard you tried? Even if you got it out, what would it sound like? How would the world react if it was staring them dead in the eyes?

Ever since I was a boy, I felt like I had something to say. Whether we realize it at six or sixty-six, we all eventually find something in us that needs to be told. Now, I'm a romantic at heart, and this might taste bitter to the more cynical out there. But there's something in the idea. After all, everything human is made from a perspective. I'd argue having a perspective is what makes us human to begin with. There's only one truth, but we all see it from a different angle. No one has ever or will ever see the world exactly as you see it, and that makes your story valuable.

I know what my story is. I know what I want to say. But if it was as simple as sculpting it into a sentence, holding it out in front of me, and saying, "Look! Here's my entire worldview and the total of all my experiences! Isn't this cool?" - and I damn well wish it was that easy - I would've said it already and plastered it onto every billboard up and down the coast. For now, though, and likely for the rest of my life, the only language I can use to tell it to you is storytelling. The thing I want to say is shotgunned between every word I put down. Maybe I'll say it somewhere in one of my stories. Maybe I'll say it in the sum of all my works. Someday, if you took everything I ever produced, everything I ever worked to present, maybe it'd be there. Maybe that'd be me.


Of this, I'm certain: We all have something to say. Of this, I'm also certain: Not all of us will find the words. For some - maybe even most - that idea they were born to share won't be shared. We might find comfort by claiming that they only failed because they didn't try. They didn't pull the trigger, so of course they didn't hit the target! That's not a safe enough hiding spot for us. Plenty have spent their lives trying to say that thing, but they died with it stuck in their throats anyway. People pull triggers every day, and those same people miss.

But that doesn't change a thing. Life is about taking risks, and spending my only life hunting for the words to tell my story is the biggest risk of all. I might hit. I might miss. All I - all we - have to ask ourselves every morning is, "Who the hell am I not to take the shot?"