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As you can read in my bio, I never had much interest in writing until I was 14. I was good at early English classes, sure, but I wrote nothing creatively. That changed very suddenly one afternoon, and I felt obligated to jot down a scene I'd envisioned in my mind. If it wasn't for this brief, simple story, I wouldn't be where I am now and pursuing a career as an author. It isn't much to behold - and I've definitely come a long way - but this story still means a lot to me. It's a child's first step into what would soon become his life.

The Last Walk

He gazed out upon the sunset as he strolled along the beach. The sun should have been blurred and warped by the smog in the air. But it seemed to shine brighter than ever, as if it knew this was going to be the last time that it would ever be seen. Tears rolled down his face, only to evaporate seconds later. He knew that he was the last human left on Earth. The entire population had died of thirst, starvation, or heat stroke.

The cause: hundreds of years of pollution and global warming had left the Earth a barren wasteland. Most humans had died in wars over resources until only a few hundred remained. These people formed a community together with the intent of rebuilding the human population. Sadly, their efforts failed. The world had simply become uninhabitable. Their numbers dwindled until only one survived.

He spent his last night walking the coast. The land had become desert, and the remains of buildings loomed in the sand. There was no water left in the ocean and no food left on the planet. Although the temperature was boiling and the sand scorching, he still felt cold. The knowledge that he was the only being left alive chilled him. He walked the beach and stared at the sun, knowing that he would not survive the night.

The sun had nearly disappeared but he continued to walk. The smog and haze seemed to close in around him until it enveloped him. He was blinded by the thick fog of gases, and he gagged as he breathed in the toxic fumes. He dropped to his knees and said farewell to the planet which had graciously harbored his ancestors. He looked toward the sun, which was now difficult to see, and slowly closed his eyes.

When the sun faded behind the Earth, his body fell into the sand. He rolled onto his back and gazed up at the sky. The smog cleared, and he could see the stars. There, under those stars, he died. The earth, its inhabitants, its beauty, and its history were lost forever.

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