Poetry was never really my thing, but I've taken a bit of an interest in it after my Grade 12 creative writing course. I've written a few poems since then for fun, however I thought I'd share one of the poems I actually handed in. It's an English sonnet and a brief commentary on modern materialistic pursuits, industrialization, and the contrast between the temporary nature of life and the immortal nature of the matter we sculpt.

The Streets:

Lines of order etched in Earth

Where once held gravel, stone, and rust.

Now metal rises with our birth

From the pure and formless dust.

Progress paves and carves these caves,

Where shining steel swallows souls,

Where silken shackles chain us slaves,

And our noble leaders hide in holes.

But time will curl between these spires

Like clouds of smoke and wheezing smog,

Melting our bones in famine and fires,

Painting our cities in lifeless fog.

Soon, we’ll fall and fade so fast

But our treasured streets will forever last.

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