Pre-Release Jitters

Tonight's the night. After more than two long years of working on The Breacher, I'm finally about to release it. By tomorrow, it'll be live. As I sit here in front of my laptop, getting everything prepped, I can't help but feel a bit nostalgic - and obviously a little nervous. After all, I started writing The Breacher when I was sixteen. I know that it's only been two years, but it feels like five already.

To think, for two entire years, I've been working on this novel daily while also juggling school. But to me, The Breacher wasn't something I just did on the side or in my spare time. It was always my focus, always in the back of my mind, always on my horizon, and always influencing in some way or another the experiences I had in my schooling, social, and personal life.

Now, though, this piece of myself that has been growing for so long is about to be available for anyone to read and interpret. It's an unusual feeling, but one which I'll have to become accustomed to over future releases. Future releases. Just thinking about writing my upcoming books is exhilarating. While I've been focused on The Breacher, I've also been waiting this whole time to work on its sequels and even the novels beyond those.

Staying true to The Breacher without getting sidetracked wasn't easy. Other ideas and concepts were always surfacing in my head. Plenty of times, I wished that I could've chased after them and written those books when they had my attention. But for all of those tempting ideas, I've had to simply jot them down on my iPod, develop their plots on the side, and put them into hibernation until I'm ready to wake them. I've been patiently committed to the The Breacher since day one.

Now, as I come to the moment when I'll finally publish it, I feel a mixture of excitement and sentimentality. If I were to describe it in any way, I'd point to my eighteenth birthday. As I laid awake in contemplation the night before, I was torn between excitement at becoming a man and sadness at leaving behind the boy.

Here's to the horizon,


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