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Councilor Lawrence is easily my favorite character from The Breacher. While I claimed in my previous post "Nathan Hardline" that Nathan as a character was initially quite similar to me, I would dare to say that Councilor Lawrence is even more so. I felt that Nathan needed to be differentiated from me, so he was changed in some ways from his first incarnation. But with Lawrence, I was more than happy leaving him the way he was: a very potent and complex reflection of myself.

See, Councilor Lawrence has two sides to his character. One is the friendly, amiable persona that he presents to the people he interacts with - especially his fellow Councilors who will politically ravage anyone they see as a direct threat. This is the man that Nathan encounters in many of their dialogue scenes. However, this is not to say that Lawrence in some way fakes his friendly social demeanor. On the contrary, he genuinely enjoys (assuming the company is composed of more than just pompous aristocrats) socialization and conversation. Much like myself, though, he would not claim that he is the most "like himself" in these moments when he is not in solitude.

This leads us to his second side, which is more like his - and my own - true side. Behind closed doors, Lawrence is perpetually engulfed in philosophical and ethical ruminations that drive and mold his motives and goals. He tends toward the darker aspects of human nature and the perceived atrocities inflicted upon the human race by itself and the physical world. He keeps these reflections absolutely private for reasons he also keeps private. However, due to this secrecy, the structure of the plot, and, of course, the narration being Nathan's, you, as readers, can only catch glimpses of Lawrence's very complex inner world in the first book. But I guarantee that his complexities and motivations will be brought to light throughout the trilogy. I have big things planned for his character.

In the meantime, though, I like to think of the relationship he and Nathan share as a special one. While Michael is a faint memory to Nathan, and Richard is a simple man with straightforward motivations, Councilor Lawrence is someone who Nathan really connects with on a philosophical and mental level. If you want to look at it from a personality perspective, you can read about their shared type by following the links in my blog post "The Breacher and MBTI". However, their bond can be summed up like this: Nathan feels an intellectual draw toward concepts of morality and human nature, and Councilor Lawrence is someone who is fluent in those topics. Not only does Nathan find in him a man with extensive relevant knowledge, Lawrence also finds in Nathan a boy who is capable of comprehending many of the things that plague his mind. Ultimately, the bond they share is one of understanding and comprehension.

As a matter of fact, intellectual comprehension is a major part of Lawrence's character. There's a reason why I chose to name his seat on the Council the Animus seat. In Latin, Animus translates to "mind", "purpose", "understanding", and "soul as thinking". These, in my mind, describe what separates Lawrence from the rest of the characters in The Breacher. As the trilogy progresses, the hidden aspects of Lawrence's character will be revealed, and you may find that his motivations and philosophies are more important than you initially thought.


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