Jessica Havenheart

*This post contains spoilers for The Breacher: Revenant.*

With the loss of Porter and Keaton and their shift in a new direction, Dakota needed someone to bring life back to the group dynamic. With certain things to come in Revenant, as well, Nathan needed a partner. Beyond that, with big things to come in Exodus, the plot needed a wild card. There was only one character who fit the bill: Jessica Havenheart.

Jessica’s character underwent a lot of changes from her initial inception in the early days of The Breacher. Originally, Jessica was going to be an older member of Dakota, already in her twenties, and she was actually supposed to be the previous love interest of Porter. Nathan’s own love interest was a girl named Rebecca Havenheart, a character who once held the position in the story that Seth would later inherit after her execution. With Nathan’s love interest erased, I was content leaving him without a romance for the rest of the trilogy. In fact, that was the plan.

Then came Jessica and Nathan's first interaction - at gun point. From that moment, I knew that my plans had to change. Once Jessica shot off that bullet past Nathan’s head, there was instant chemistry. It’s funny how characters can sometimes seem to choose their own paths through the story. Jessica took control and made her future what she wanted it to be. From then on, she was Nathan’s love interest, and she proved her capacity to hold that role again and again as she complemented his character in every scene they shared.

But Jessica’s character extends far beyond her relationship with Nathan. To me, Jessica is a very unique and intriguing personality. In fact, she is the only character other than Nathan whose perspective could have led us through The Breacher. Had Nathan not beat her to the chase, she would have been the protagonist of the trilogy. Her charm, motives, and inner conflicts are utterly captivating to me, and I hope you, as the reader, felt the same way.

What is it that makes Jessica’s character so alluring? Well, I think it has something to do with the fact that she has layers, and she protects each and every one with tact and a slippery sense of charm. Even for Nathan, she’s tough to pin down for long enough to get any real information. Whenever a character has a secret to protect, everyone wants it, and I think that applies to us as consumers of stories, too. But beyond her mysterious nature, Jessica has a lot of admirable qualities. She’s brave, confident, fearless, and utterly consumed by her personal cause. In a word, she’s sharp. She knows what she wants, she has a purpose, and she’s going to cut her way toward it by any means necessary. On a personal note, the feature which I most admire is passion for the cause. When someone has a purpose in their life and is willing to sacrifice anything for it, they have my undying respect.

However, this virtue comes with its vices. If we were to make a list of real-world historical figures who had a purpose and pursued it with complete devotion, I bet only half of them would be considered heroes. Passion can lead people to do awful things, and atrocities are almost always committed in the name of a greater purpose. While Jessica won’t be burning any countries down any time soon, she still adheres to an “ends justify the means” mentality. She is willing to do anything for the sake of her goal, and that is both dangerous and intriguing.

In the end, this mixture of volatile passion and cunning charm made Jessica the perfect addition to The Breacher. It attracted me to her as a character, and it makes her an amazing foil to our idealistic, unbending Nathan. As someone who, just like Nathan, has a hardline moral path to any goal, I must admit my curiosity for anyone who unapologetically pursues the opposite.


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